About XXL Guitars

What is an XXL guitar ?

We view XXL guitars as upscaled DanelectroTM guitars.

While we have no affiliation with the Danelectro company, we use the original guitar structure developed by Nathan Daniels in the 50’s, i.e., a guitar body made of a softwood core sandwiched between two thin plates of denser material.

As you will see in these pages, some XXL guitars include the so-called “lipstick” pick-ups and bridges similar to those used by Nathan Daniels.

The analogy stops there. Indeed, while Nathan Daniels used cheap pine sandwiched between masonite plates, XXL guitars use cedar or BC fir capped with mahogany. And what a difference it makes, both in sound and appearance!

Marc Lupien

Each XXL guitar is unique. While they are made in small batches of about 10 instruments, we do not try to bring the instrument to exactly the same dimensions. We let the wood decide. Indeed, some pieces of wood are denser and must be thinned more radically while some are less dense and may be left thicker.

We serially mark each XXL guitar in bold numbers, directly on the peghead. Each guitar comes with a gigbag “branded” with the Official XXL logo.

Danelectro® is a registered trademark of the Evets Corporation.

XXL Guitars is not associated with the Evets Corporation and neither XXL guitars nor Evets has any connection to the original Danelectro Company of the 50’s and 60’s