Guitar - Convertible

Guitar - Convertible
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Bookmatched mahogany top

Bookmatched mahogany back

Multi-laminate maple neck with mahogany stripes

Bookmatched Honduras rosewood fretboard

Cedar core

Natural high gloss finish

Top binding

Neck binding

1 ¾ inch wide neck at nut

2 1/8 inch string spacing at bridge

24 27/32 string length

Two lipstick pick-ups from Seymour Duncan

Danelectro adjustable Bridge

1 volume, 1 tone configuration

Three position pick-up switch

Custom Optional features

  • Douglas Fir core
  • Salvaged Douglas Fir core
  • Various exotic hardwood tops and backs (spalted maple, bubinga, figured maple, figured walnut, ovangkol)
  • Humbucking neck pick-up
  • Back bindings
    • Two or three tone sunburst
    • Multi-laminate core
  • Custom designed varitone circuit

At less than four pounds, the Convertible is the lightest and most versatile XXL guitar.

The symmetrical softwood core body is heavily chambered before a top plate and a back are laminated. The neck pick-up is mounted directly in the oval soundhole to allow maximum movement of the transducer to give the convertible its mellow tone.

The versatility of this guitar is astonishing!

The bridge position can be super twangy for those country licks.

Middle position lets the funk out without being shrill as well as being “reverse wound / reverse polarity”, so it’s noise-free even if played with an overdrive.

The neck position is quite something on its own; it retains those big bass notes and has an all-round sound suitable for jazz chording and walking bass type notes.

It’s so light and responsive; it is the ideal couch guitar since its unplugged sound is much more interesting than a typical solid body guitar while being soft enough to allow you to practice late at night without any family confrontation…

For sale

If you order one, we will make it just for you but this takes time. However, we have some for sales right now. To see which ones are to sell, check out our flickr page!

To inquire for a sale, contact us!