Guitar - U2 - Bigsby
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Bookmatched mahogany top

Bookmatched mahogany back

Multi-laminate maple neck with two mahogany stripes

Bookmatched Honduran rosewood fretboard

Cedar core

Natural high gloss finish

FineFrets (semi-hemispherical fret ends)

Top binding (ivoroid, tortoise or black)

Back binding (ivoroid, tortoise or black)

Neck binding (ivoroid, tortoise or black)

1 ¾ inch wide neck at nut

2 1/8 inch string spacing at bridge

24 27/32 string length

Choice of two pickups

  • Imperial Humbucker by Jason Lollar or
  • Two P-90 by Jason Lollar

Danelectro-style Intonatable Bridge

2 volumes, 1 tone configuration

Three position pick-up switch

Custom optional features

  • Stainless steel Finefrets
  • Douglas Fir core
  • Salvaged Douglas Fir core
  • Various exotic hardwood top and backs
  • Multi-laminate core
  • Custom designed varitone circuit
  • Tone-pros stop tailpiece-type bridge
  • Two or three tone sunburst
  • Solid colors
  • Drum-wrap overlay
  • Handmade custom sparkle finish

This is the original XXL guitar model! A single cut-away mahogany top and back and a softwood core having engineered tone chambers make for a very light and responsive guitar body. Add a multi-laminated maple neck anchored in a neck pocket via four inserts and corresponding fasteners and you get the recipe for a basic XXL that you can wear painlessly for hours of shows or session recording.

Many XXL U2 sport a Bigsby tailpiece and two P-90s from master pick-up builder Jason Lollar to yield a tone machine recognized by Pro players in North-America.

Every XXL U2 is provided with Finefrets made right here in our shop. The semi-hemispherical fret ends are so great to look at and so gentle on your fretting hand, you will not believe it!

The versatility of the U2 is undeniable. One can shift from jazz to rock at the flick of a pickup selector switch! The optional varitone system can save your neck in case of pedalboard failure, allowing you to dial a band pass filter as if it was a passive compressor. Match it with mild distortion and the stage is yours!

Like all XXL custom level guitars, the U2 now comes with standard top, back and neck bindings and with a high gloss finish.

For sale

If you order one, we will make it just for you but this takes time. However, we have some for sales right now. To see which ones are to sell, check out our flickr page!

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